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Rubbish Clearance in London

Are you moving office and have a lot of things that you are not looking to take to your new office?  We can help, whether its old office furniture or electrical equipment – it can all be cleared and recycled where possible.  We have cleared out many offices where things have been discarded for a long time – either in a large storage room or in a storage unit, whatever it is, we can clear it, in time for your move.  There have been old photocopiers, old printers, computers which we have cleared and recycled.  There have also been basements full of boxed up promotional flyers, old doors, conference equipment, smaller safes, cables – anything you can think of, we have experience in clearing it.  Even if you are taking your furniture with you – maybe you have paper that needs to be disposed of in a non confidential way. We can put it in bags for you or collect the bags from your office and recycle the paper, cardboard, magazines, newspapers or just old files full of old paperwork.  If you no longer need things and want them cleared quickly from your premises, call us on 0800 046 3988.