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Herman Miller Aeron Chairs – Adjusting your chair

You should be sitting comfortably in your Aeron chair.  With its mesh back and seat design specialist lumbar support and different tilt angles, it has been designed for optimum seating support.   In order to reap the benefits of the Aeron chair, knowing how to adjust the levers will get you the best results.

If you are sitting on the chair:  To adjust the seat height, use the lever on the right hand side.  For the forward tilt, there is a lever on the left hand side.  If you don’t want the back of your chair to go back too far, use the lever at the back of the left side.  Adjusting the lumbar support is dependent on what style you have – either with the handle on the right of the chair or you can change the height or depth by changing the lumbar support pad on the back of the chair.  The chair arm angles are very easy to change – move the arms pads to the angle you would like them and there is a lever at the bottom of the arms that you can lift to unlock, move to correct height and then re-lock by putting the lever down again.

If any of the levers don’t work or the lumbar support needs changing for instance- they can be, so that you can keep on using your Aeron chair.  If you just want to make sure your Aeron chairs are all in good condition, even if you have had them a long time, they can be assessed by us and you can double check what chairs may need to be repaired, so that you can ensure everyone is getting the best from their chair!

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