Office Rubbish Removal London

Arranging Office Rubbish Removal London

If you are organising an office move or just need to create more space – it’s so easy!

Whatever it is, from general rubbish to broken office furniture or office equipment, we can help by removing it easily from your office.

How to arrange removal of rubbish in your London office.

Any amount of rubbish you need collected – from a single item to lots of office rubbish for removal.

The list below is to give an idea of just some of the office rubbish removed 

If you have rubbish that is not shown on the list above, all you need to do is call us.  Most rubbish is easily removed from offices.

  • Broken office furniture
  • Office rubbish/junk
  • Paper, plastic, cardboard & tins
  • Old IT Equipment – Redundant PCs, monitors, keyboards
  • Electrical Items – Printers, fax machines, fridges, TVs, Kettles, Microwaves, toasters
  • Light Bulbs – Fluorescent tubes & energy saving bulbs
  • Collection of general office equipment – stationery/ promotional literature/empty files etc
  • We are a licensed waste carrier and this office rubbish removal service is perfect for any amount you need removed.

Let us know what office rubbish you would need removed and by when, helping you get what you need done efficiently.

Booking An Office Rubbish Removal is so easy!

To Book Your Office Rubbish Removal – Email or Call 0800 046 3988 

Let us know when you need it collected and how much office rubbish needs to be removed. From that information we will quote.

That way, whether it’s broken or old furniture, redundant computers, printers, general office waste or small electrical items – our office rubbish removal service has got it covered!

Helping you with your office rubbish removal

If you are starting to plan…

Perhaps you need furniture dismantled or need the removal done by a certain date?

Drop us a line and will be here to help with your office rubbish removal.

If you are looking to find out what we remove from the office? Feel free to contact us.

We can remove a whole range of things from office furniture to electrical equipment and computer equipment.

If its just general rubbish or general office equipment,  we can remove that from your office too and we recycle everything where possible.

Call us today on 0800 046 3988 or email for a quote: