How you can save money easily in your office

Companies are always looking for cost efficiencies and there are lots of things you can do to save money, with very little effort!  Here’s how it goes…

1. Turn off your computers.  Statistics have shown that turning each computer and monitor off every night could save you £35.00 per year per machine. (Statistics from British Gas).

If you saved £35.00 per machine, per year, you could treat your staff, to perhaps a meal – at no extra expense to the business!

2. Close the windows when the airconditioning is on.  The money you can save here could buy everybody a sandwich in the office.

3. Turning down the temperature on your heating thermostat in your office by one degree can save you enough money to buy either a water cooler or something equally as exciting!!

4. Only boiling enough water for what you need, can save you enough money to pay for your biscuits or teabags on a weekly basis.

5. Keep and repair your office furniture – its easy and will restore to ‘as new’!  Look at for more info!  This could pay for a Christmas present for each member of your staff!

So its a win win situation – save energy, be green and earn more treats!.. What could be better?!

Statics and information supplied by British Gas