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Find out how to recycle electrical items in your office

The amount of electrical waste we throw away is growing by 5% year on year, making this the fastest growing area of Waste Management concern.

Over 80% of waste electrical and electronic goods will end up in landfill. Councils are currently organising more facilities to recycle WEEE (waste electronic and electrical equipment) for homes but not for businesses. It’s time to recycle more commercial electrical and electronic items, as the lead and other toxins contained in these items seep out and contaminate soil and water when they go to landfill.

A lot of electrical and electronic items that are disposed of, can be repaired and recycled, so people who need them can benefit from them.
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Buy a dishwasher

Providing a dishwasher for your staff can actually influence them to use mugs, plates and cutlery that can be washed and reused.

Discouraging the use of paper plates and plastic cups, that can only be used once and are more than likely to be thrown away, will help your office become more environmentally friendly!

Avoid keeping vending machines for hot drinks in your office, as these require plastic cups that cannot be reused!

Repair your office chairs!

A great way to help save cost and also re-use furniture, is to repair and reupholster the chairs you already have.

Whether its for major brands of seating: Steelcase, Herman Miller Aeron Chairs, Wilkhahn etc or general types of chairs too – executive seating, soft seating, conference seating – extending the life of your chairs has never been easier.

General types of repairs fall under these categories  – replacing and fitting new gas lifts, replacing height adjustable chair arms, fitting new chair arms, fixing mechanisms – so that the back and seat move properly, putting new mesh on seat backs – in a range of different colours/re-foam chairs,  and reupholstering them too.

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