Reupholstery for wood frame meeting chairs

If you have meeting chairs that may look a little worn in certain places, there’s no need to get rid of them.  Worn out fabric or padding in the seat or the back of the chair may have seen better days – however the good news is, this can be easily fixed, so the meeting chairs can still be used! If you have wood frame meeting chairs, perhaps the wooden frame also needs to polished, this can be done too.  There are lots of fabrics to choose from, whatever colour you are looking for, there are different options with different textures too.  We repair and re-cover lots of different wooden frame chairs, as they are generally quite expensive when they are brand new and reupholstering, putting in new padding and polishing the wood frame, can bring the chair back to ‘as new’ and its much more cost effective to reupholster than to buy new.

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