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We want to recycle but where do we start?

We want to recycle but we don’t know which system is best for us

All companies have the opportunity to have a recycling system. If there are only a small amount of employees in your office this is really easy you use a system where you use recycling sacks as often as you need – so if you only fill up a bag every 2 weeks, not a problem! We will come and collect from you on an as and when basis. For companies with larger amounts of employees, we can also collect on a daily basis for you. You can recycle things such as cardboard, paper, magazines, newspapers, tins, cans and ink toner cartridges.

Light Bulbs Contain Heavy Metals!

With more companies switching to use Compact Fluorescent Lights, commonly known as energy saving light bulbs, it is increasingly important to recycle all types of fluorescent lighting safely.
Tens of millions of light-bulbs end up in landfill every year making the recycling of fluorescent lights essential to protect the environment.

Energy saving light bulbs do not last forever and must be disposed of correctly!

Why is it important to recycle fluorescent lights?
Recycling of any type of lighting has always been difficult as light-bulbs are made from several different materials.
Energy saving light-bulbs and fluorescent tubes are classified as hazardous waste because they contain mercury that is harmful to the environment if allowed to leach into the ground. Safe recycling is essential.

Skip Hire or Rubbish Removal?

Which should I choose? There have been some interesting developments in waste disposal recently – the Landfill tax set by HMRC has risen dramatically . This in turn has pushed up the price of skip hire, as skip hire companies now have to pay the increased charge. Some skip hire charges have increased by as much as 100% in just a few weeks. HMRC look set to keep increasing landfill tax, which in turn means that the cost of skip hire will keep increasing to accommodate this. To find out more about the increase in landfill tax visit HRMC customs webpage.

Is recycling the best way?

Recycling is almost always the best way to get rid of waste, even when it is exported abroad, according to the biggest ever report on the industry for the UK government.

It also backed up last week’s controversial report published by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs warning that biopolymer plastics made from crops should be recycled rather than put into compost, despite being widely marketed as “biodegradable”.

Wrap, the government’s waste and packaging agency, said it had analysed 200 reports covering seven different materials: paper and cardboard, plastics, biopolymers, food, garden cuttings, wood and textiles. The experts then looked at the evidence for seven methods of disposal, including recycling, composting, incineration and landfill, measured by four different criteria: energy use, water use, other resource use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

In more than four out of five cases, recycling was the clear winner, said Keith James, Wrap’s environmental policy manager.