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Recycling Computers in London, Kent and Surrey

If you have redundant or unwanted laptops, computer screens, computer towers, keyboards and printers, those can all be recycled really easily. Maybe you need to update the software on the system you use – whatever IT equipment you have, we can recycle it for you. If you are looking to recycle any IT equipment in London, Kent or Surrey – all you need to do is to contact us on 0800 046 3988 or email on

What can you recycle?

What can you recycle? Most items can definitely be recycled for instance: metal, cans, paper, card, all printed promotional materials.  Aluminium cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags.  If you find that you have these in your office and are looking for a way to recycle them, call us today on 0800 046 3988.

Do you need to Recycle Flourescent Tubes

If you have found you need to recycle fluorescent tubes, its all very simple, they can easily be cleared from your premises.  They are dealt with in a specialist way because of the component parts of the light.  All you need to do is call us on 0800 046 3988 and we can recycle the fluorescent tubes for you.

Recycling Old Computer Equipment

If you are upgrading your IT equipment and need to clear and recycle your old computers, we can help.  We can collect the computers from your office and recycle them under WEEE legislation.  We can also do the same for your laptops and printers and phones. Call us on 0800 046 3988 for further information.

Computer Recycling

If you are upgrading your computers, laptops or desktop printers, and tablets we can recycle those under WEEE or if you have volumes of good quality brands of IT equipment we can look to purchase those from you, so that you can re-invest that money into what you need now.  This works well, because all of the equipment can be recycled and re-used.  For further information on this service call 0800 046 3988

Rubbish Clearance in London

Are you moving office and have a lot of things that you are not looking to take to your new office?  We can help, whether its old office furniture or electrical equipment – it can all be cleared and recycled where possible.  We have cleared out many offices where things have been discarded for a long time – either in a large storage room or in a storage unit, whatever it is, we can clear it, in time for your move.  There have been old photocopiers, old printers, computers which we have cleared and recycled.  There have also been basements full of boxed up promotional flyers, old doors, conference equipment, smaller safes, cables – anything you can think of, we have experience in clearing it.  Even if you are taking your furniture with you – maybe you have paper that needs to be disposed of in a non confidential way. We can put it in bags for you or collect the bags from your office and recycle the paper, cardboard, magazines, newspapers or just old files full of old paperwork.  If you no longer need things and want them cleared quickly from your premises, call us on 0800 046 3988.

Find out how to recycle electrical items in your office

The amount of electrical waste we throw away is growing by 5% year on year, making this the fastest growing area of Waste Management concern.

Over 80% of waste electrical and electronic goods will end up in landfill. Councils are currently organising more facilities to recycle WEEE (waste electronic and electrical equipment) for homes but not for businesses. It’s time to recycle more commercial electrical and electronic items, as the lead and other toxins contained in these items seep out and contaminate soil and water when they go to landfill.

A lot of electrical and electronic items that are disposed of, can be repaired and recycled, so people who need them can benefit from them.
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Reducing paper waste in the office

How can we reduce the amount of waste in the office easily?

Each office is different, but for those businesses that are not mainly paperless, it’s the small things that can add up to make a difference.

For example, having designated recycling and waste points around the office, instead of single waste paper bins under each desk, makes everyone more aware of what they are using and how much paper they are throwing away.

Recycling ink and toner cartridges

Recycling toner cartridges. What’s the best way?

There are many charities involved in ink and toner cartridge recycling as well as private organisations who offer free of charge collections.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you check with your collection service the type of ink toners that they can recycle.

We are moving office and are looking to sell our furniture, what is the best way to do this?

We are moving office and are looking to sell our furniture, what is the best way to do this?

We get asked this question a lot and for the right reason. It is a great way to reuse the furniture which means that it is not going to landfill and at the same time companies can look to reinvest any money from the sale. Office furniture that is still in good condition can be advertised through us at The Recycled Office or you could use the usual avenue of those well known advertising sites! If your furniture doesn’t sell, you can also speak to charities or local schools who are always interested in second hand pieces of furniture.