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Looking for an office furniture removal company in London?

Whether you are moving or just need to create more space in your office or commercial property, we will help remove all items from: desk chairs, to desks, meeting tables, monitors, cabinets, desktop printers, microwaves – whatever you need to clear from your office!

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We are moving office and have lots of good quality furniture, which we no longer need, how can we reuse it?

We are having an office move and we have lots of good quality furniture, which we no longer need, how can we reuse it?

There are a number of ways to make sure your office furniture is reused. One cost effective method is to sell your furniture by advertising it. This option is most efficient if your company is planning an office move far in advance, as advertising requires lead in time. Alternatively, new office tenants may be interested in your good quality furniture – contact your landlord to notify them of your unwanted furniture and you may be able to make a sale. Donating to charities is also a great way to reuse no longer needed furniture if you do not have time to advertise it.

Moving office? Things to remember!

Things to Remember

Make a list of what needs to be done and by when.

Find professional movers, issue labels to staff, so they pack their items in the moving boxes clearly marked.

Include the layout of the new space you to make sure it fits in the space you are moving to.

Arrange to clear your office of any extra furniture/electrical items etc that you are not looking to take with you.

Arrange all telecoms disconnections and re-connections, make sure your internet will be up and running.

Inform customers of the date you are moving!