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What can you recycle?

What can you recycle? Most items can definitely be recycled for instance: metal, cans, paper, card, all printed promotional materials.  Aluminium cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags.  If you find that you have these in your office and are looking for a way to recycle them, call us today on 0800 046 3988.

Food Waste Disposal Service In London & Home Counties

If you have a lot of employees on site and are looking to get rid of food waste, we can help.  We supply large bins that can go in a storage unit on site or the office carpark, and we will come to collect the waste from the bin on a regular basis.  If you would like further information on this service, call on 0800 046 3988.

Pre-loved Furniture & Vintage – Upcycle!

These are the buzzwords of recycling at the moment.  Old doesn’t have to mean unuseable anymore! – It is an opportunity for someone else to use your unwanted office furniture or office items.  Most unwanted office items have a second life and can easily be passed on to charities or companies that need them.

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Let us know your ideas for recycling office furniture.  Have you recycled it in an unusual or different way?  We want to know about innovative ideas as to how you may have recycled – from reupholstery through to painting.

Get in touch and let us know at: and we will share the best ideas!

How you can save money easily in your office

Companies are always looking for cost efficiencies and there are lots of things you can do to save money, with very little effort!  Here’s how it goes…

1. Turn off your computers.  Statistics have shown that turning each computer and monitor off every night could save you £35.00 per year per machine. (Statistics from British Gas).

If you saved £35.00 per machine, per year, you could treat your staff, to perhaps a meal – at no extra expense to the business!

2. Close the windows when the airconditioning is on.  The money you can save here could buy everybody a sandwich in the office.

3. Turning down the temperature on your heating thermostat in your office by one degree can save you enough money to buy either a water cooler or something equally as exciting!!

4. Only boiling enough water for what you need, can save you enough money to pay for your biscuits or teabags on a weekly basis.

5. Keep and repair your office furniture – its easy and will restore to ‘as new’!  Look at for more info!  This could pay for a Christmas present for each member of your staff!

So its a win win situation – save energy, be green and earn more treats!.. What could be better?!

Statics and information supplied by British Gas

Buy a dishwasher

Providing a dishwasher for your staff can actually influence them to use mugs, plates and cutlery that can be washed and reused.

Discouraging the use of paper plates and plastic cups, that can only be used once and are more than likely to be thrown away, will help your office become more environmentally friendly!

Avoid keeping vending machines for hot drinks in your office, as these require plastic cups that cannot be reused!

Motion-detector lights

Motion-detector lights – an answer to cutting your energy consumption.

Motion-detector lights can help your office significantly reduce its energy consumption.

No longer do you need to remember to switch off lights when you leave a room – these lights will do it themselves. Triggered by movement, the lights will switch themselves on again – it couldn’t be easier!

Go green go natural

Plants help to absorb indoor pollution, so they are a great way to make your office eco-friendly – as well as reducing pollution levels, they will brighten up your office.

Another way to go natural is by using non-toxic cleaning products, which will also help protect the environment.