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Need to fix your Please Chairs?

refurbished please chairGenerally these chairs just need a single part replacement – the gas lift may no longer work or maybe the mechanism needs changing?

For Steelcase Please 1 or Please 2 style chairs – we can check and fit new gas lifts, change the fabric (either to repair torn fabric or for a change of colour.), change the chair mechanisms, arms and armpads, just to name some of the repairs. – We do a thorough assessment of the chair to be able to restore it – ‘as new’.

If you need any further information on repairing your Steelcase Please Chairs, call us today on 0800 046 3988

Company Logo For Your Office Chairs

If you are looking for an original design for your chairs or office seating – why not have a logo put on it? It’s a great way to get that individual look for your chair – something that can also help reinforce your company brand and the values.

It’s a really easy process – all we need is a copy of your logo and we do the rest. Whether, you are looking for a completely different look or just a simple update for the look of your chair – we will reupholster the seating with the logo on it. Maybe it’s just a re-brand and you need to update the chair logo – it’s all very simple.

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Damaged or Broken Chair Arms or Armpads

Damaged armpadHave you ever walked around the office and seen very expensive chairs, which look really smart until on closer inspection they have damaged armpads? If so, you are not alone!

It’s particularly common where the armpads have a softer style padding, add to the mix bored people – and there you go – the armpads get picked at and ruined! However there is no need to think about getting rid of them just yet! These can easily be replaced and fitted, so that they look ‘as new’.  The same goes for chair arms – for instance if you have height adjustable chair arms or foldaway arms that just don’t work anymore, it’s not a problem at all – these can easily be fixed too!

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refurbished hille chair

Wilkhahn Chairs: Reupholstered

wilkhahn chairs repaired and re-upholsteredFor this particular set of Wilkhahn chairs, after we had done the initial assessment and checked what needed doing, we only really needed to update and change the fabric.

The padding on the chairs was still in good condition, which doesn’t often happen because as the fabric starts to wear the padding usually goes too!

The fabric that was eventually chosen was from the Kvadrat range called Tonus.  The client was looking for a really modern looking colour to match with the re-brand and went for a lime green colour – which you can see in the picture!

On the second set of chairs that were collected – the chairs were no longer able to move up and down, which meant that they needed new gas lifts that are easy to replace and fit!

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refurbished hille chair

Hille Supporto Chairs : Repairs, Re-Upholstery & Refurbishment

hille supporto chair refurbishedRecent Refurbishmentshille supporto chair repairs

We supply parts for Hille Supporto chairs.  If you need a replacement gas lift or need the frames re-sprayed or just need to have the seat pads replaced and the chair re-covered/upholstered we can help.

This set of Supporto chairs needed quite a bit of work to get them looking as good as new again.  The frames had to be re-sprayed after years of general wear and tear!
A few of them needed to be re-upholstered too.

There are so many fabrics to choose from and it was a Camira fabric that was eventually chosen. Last but not least, we also replaced the old gas lifts with new ones.

Although it sounds a lot of work, these are really easy things to do to give your chairs a new lease of life and give you many more years of sitting comfortably.
And of course, they looked excellent when the job was completed!

If you have similar seating in need of some attention, please call us on 0800 046 3988 for a free quotation or email us at

Repair your office chairs!

A great way to help save cost and also re-use furniture, is to repair and reupholster the chairs you already have.

Whether its for major brands of seating: Steelcase, Herman Miller Aeron Chairs, Wilkhahn etc or general types of chairs too – executive seating, soft seating, conference seating – extending the life of your chairs has never been easier.

General types of repairs fall under these categories  – replacing and fitting new gas lifts, replacing height adjustable chair arms, fitting new chair arms, fixing mechanisms – so that the back and seat move properly, putting new mesh on seat backs – in a range of different colours/re-foam chairs,  and reupholstering them too.

If you want to repair your office seating – email:

Seating fabric worn out?

We have an auditorium and we like the design of the chairs but the fabric is wearing out – can we get them re-upholstered?

Whether it’s a single seat design in your auditorium or fixed seating, auditorium seating can be re-upholstered. In addition to the re-upholstery service, the chairs can  be re-padded – which is where old foam is taken out of them and replaced with new foam.

If there are writing tablets, these can also be replaced.

If you run a conference centre or are based at a university and are looking to save money and need your conference seating looking brand new again – this is a great way to do it!

Why chair refurbishment and re-upholstery is a good option

The best thing about chair refurbishment and re-upholstery is if you have lots of office chairs, that have seen better days, by refurbishing them they don’t go to landfill!

Where the fabric has worn out, re-upholstering the chair mean that you will extend the chair usage for a good few years.  Not only is re-upholstering and refurbishing your chairs a fantastic eco friendly thing to do – one of the other major advantages is that whatever type of seating you have from expensive designer chairs to leather executive chairs, you can save money too.

There are so many fabrics to chose from, that you can either give your existing chairs a completely new look by choosing a different coloured or textured fabric or just get them back to looking new again with the same colour.

We bought some chairs about 5 years ago…

We bought some chairs about 5 years ago and they were really expensive but the padding and fabric is wearing out. We don’t want to replace them but what can we do?

Most people love their comfortable office chairs! Don’t throw them away when you can make them look brand new again. It is so easy to mend office chairs, whether it is a mechanism that has broken or the fabric has worn.

Repair and refurbish – great options to extend the life of your office seating – and cost effective too!