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Office Furniture Removal London

Our office furniture removal service is a great way to clear unwanted office furniture such as desks, chairs, cupboards pedestals and bookcases.

If you need to get everything organised for your office move or it is simply just an end of lease – removal and disposal of office furniture will clear more space before your office move. From just a few items to everything cleared, its all very easy to dispose of quantities of office furniture and general office rubbish.
If you know when your office lease is due to end, contact us now for further information or to arrange a quote to remove office furniture.

How Does it work?
All very simple – call us on 0800 046 3988 and we can give you an exact quote. Whether it’s furniture or general office junk, our office removals service covers it all – a great way to clear your London office.
We are registered with the Environment Agency and all IT and electrical equipment is dealt with in accordance with the WEEE directive.

For Office Furniture removals in London

For all types of office furniture


Broken furniture, desks, cupboards, screens, chairs, meeting room tables, sofas, meeting chairs, metal filing cabinets


Empty files, rubbish, old books, samples, glass, fabric, cardboard, plastic, architectural models, promotional literature.
We can also remove IT equipment and old office equipment.

Just some of the ways we have helped our clients:
• Clearing office furniture prior to an office move or buying replacement furniture
• Making more space within the office by collecting old desks, chairs or computers and general rubbish
• Office rubbish disposal: empty files, promotional leaflets, magazines and cardboard

How many desks do you need removed? – Desk Removal Services

The Works Edit: There were about 8 pods of desks with freestanding pedestals and chairs. All furniture needed to be cleared as the office was coming to the end of the lease. All the desks needed to be taken apart and there were lots of storage cupboards and filing cabinets and meeting tables that needed to be cleared. A larger cupboard unit also needed to be collected too. Some of the desks were different sizes and some had pedestals attached to them. It was all easily managed and everything was cleared in time for the new tenants. For a quote on office clearance services: call on 0800 046 3988 .

Want to dispose of your office chairs?
We have cleared chairs from offices and can collect any type of office seating – from reception style tub chairs to computer desk chairs and meeting chairs. If your office chairs are broken and can’t be repaired or reupholstered, we can collect, if you have other office equipment in addition to chairs, we can collect those too, just call us today on 0800 046 3988 for a quotation.

Need to clear general equipment from the office? – Office Rubbish Removal
If your company has recently been part of an trade exhibition show and been left with lots of redundant marketing materials or even just found office equipment that hasn’t been used for a while and is taking up space – those things can be cleared too. Maybe prior to an office move you need to clear the furniture and random office equipment, making your office move run smoothly – call us today for a quote on 0800 046 3988.

Used Office Furniture Removal
If the lease on your office is due to expire and do not need to take old furniture, our office furniture removal service is ideal to help you plan. We have cleared the office of desks, desk chairs, reception seating, meeting room tables and general office equipment that is no longer needed. We have helped with various projects, on some occasions there is a lot of furniture that needs to be dismantled, other times just a few desks or cupboards. Call us today for further information or a quotation on 0800 046 398

Reupholster and repair Humanscale Freedom Chairs

Do you need to reupholster and repair the Humanscale Freedom chairs in your office.  Whatever condition they are in, if they need to be reupholstered and repaired – we can help.  There are a range of fabrics and colours to choose from – whether you need to find a new corporate colour or the existing colour no longer suits, call us on 0800 046 3988 for further information.


Office Clearance in Maidstone

Are you about to move office or having a general clear out?

Whatever you are looking to clear from your offices we can help.  Here are just some of the items that we have helped cleared from other offices:

Chairs (all types from reception seating to conference to desk chairs), Desks, Cupboards, Filing Cabinets and other types of office furniture

Computer equipment – computer monitors, P.C towers, cables, telephones, laptops, mobiles, printers, faxes and other types of IT equipment.

General Office Equipment – from fridges to microwaves, to coatstands and general rubbish

Boxes of paperwork/promotional leaflets etc/files/stationery.

Call us today on 0800 046 3988 for further information



Verco chairs – Reupholster & repair

If your Verco chairs need repairing or reupholstering, call us today on 0800 046 3988 for further information.  Whether they are task chairs, Verco executive chairs, conference chairs or just operator chairs, we can repair and reupholster all types of Verco seating.  Even if you are having a change of corporate colours and need to change the fabric colour – there are a range of fabrics and colours to choose from.  Has the gas lift broken or the mechanism no longer working as they should – call us on 0800 046 3988 for information on repairing your Verco chairs.

Re-upholster Senator Chairs

Do you have Senator chairs that need reupholstering?  From reception seating to task seating or operator chairs we can reupholster any style of Senator seating for you. Whether they are chairs from the S:21 range or Executive & Conference range. There are a range of fabrics and fabric colours to choose from.

For further information call: 0800 046 3988

Office Clearance in Kent

Do you have a lot of old furniture or general stuff that you no longer need, taking up space in your office, storage unit, industrial unit or warehouse?

Whether you are based in Ashford, Canterbury, Bromley or Maidstone – anywhere in Kent:

We can clear and recycle:

IT equipment: Computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers, phones, conference phones, faxes

Office Furniture: desks, chairs, storage units

Electrical equipment: Fridges, microwaves and kettles

Whether you have a whole office to clear to just a few things – call us on 0800 046 3988

Clearing old office furniture from your storage unit in Kent

Do you have old office furniture that you need to dispose of?  Most companies have an extra storage that holds lots of unwanted furniture.  If you are moving and need to the office furniture removed from your storage unit, its all very simple – if you call us on 0800 046 3988 or email: , we can come and collect the furniture for you.

Recycling Large Quantities of Chairs

If you have lots of chairs that you are looking to dispose of, they may be able to be refurbished instead. Office chair and soft seating refurbishment service is really easy to use – whether your chairs need new gas lifts, new mechanisms, new fabric or arms, repair and refurbishment services will help re-use within your office. Call us on 0800 046 3988 or email:

Recycling Computers in London, Kent and Surrey

If you have redundant or unwanted laptops, computer screens, computer towers, keyboards and printers, those can all be recycled really easily. Maybe you need to update the software on the system you use – whatever IT equipment you have, we can recycle it for you. If you are looking to recycle any IT equipment in London, Kent or Surrey – all you need to do is to contact us on 0800 046 3988 or email on